Friday, July 30, 2010


The other day, I bumped into a friend I haven't really talked to for a while. She informed me that she'd found my "book blog" and that she'd really liked it! Why had I stopped?
After we parted ways, I thought to myself. "Self," I said. "Why DID I stop writing on that book blog? I remember that it was fun to do!"
"Ah, but do I also remember how, after school ended, I distanced myself from anything and everything that had anything to do with school?"
"Oh yeah. I'd forgotten. Well, but I'm over that now. Why don't I start up again?"
"No reason! Go. Start."
And here I am :D


  1. But who is the friend?

  2. I shall watch with joy and gladness!

  3. Erin. I don't know HOW she found me, but it was inspiring :D